NEW BOOK reveals how to embrace your birthright to become a Thought Leader and Inspire Millions with your Story

 For Big Thinkers, Thought Leaders, Visionaries, and Influencers:


The New "Purposely Powerful Journal" for Thought Leaders, Visionaries, and Influencers shares 20 thought provoking lessons that help you clarify your Legacy and Mission... ...and it's now LIVE.

If you're ready to bulletproof your confidence, say "Bye-Bye" to haters, and become unstoppable so you rise to the top... ...this will be the most exciting, interactive book you've ever read. 

The Purposely Famous mission is to redefine Fame in a positive way, and help purposeful people take the lead to change the world.

Today's new kind of Celebrity with Purpose is...

  • Your average, unknown "Joe" or "Jane" next door who knows the importance of Self-Discovery and how to create a one-of-a-kind, personal brand based on their knowledge
  • The undiscovered Thought Leader that won't stop until the world hears their story 
  • The expert that wants to leave a legacy for the masses 
  • The ordinary person who is tired of trading time for dollars and wants to learn how to monetize their Thought Leadership mission

You're probably sick and tired of living in a world where everyone can be "Famous" for no good reason at all... But, the Real Famous people of today Make a Positive Impact While Getting Paid For their Purpose. Maybe you're thinking: "This sounds too good to be true. How do I create this in a risk-free way that builds influence at the same time? 

That's where I come in! (Cue the Humble Brag!)

Karin Roest has worked with celebrities and companies such as:

And with public figures represented at:

For the first time ever, The Purposely Powerful Journal - an essential part of the 4-Step Purposely Famous System - kickstarts your Purposely Famous journey. This is for you if...

You’ve gotten off to a slow start in building your influence at your job or business, or you just don’t have all the pieces to make gain the respect you deserve. 

Maybe you already have influence but want a boost of energy to reach your next level of Thought Leadership success.

Or you've already invested in the latest and greatest strategies, books, courses, mentors but still feel stuck or like you could be doing more. 

It's silly to have a "magical belief" that just because you're a good person with a great story that you'll wake up tomorrow selling millions of books, courses, or headlining stages next to other Influencers...

This is real life and we're not getting any younger... myself included! You don’t get rewards just for trying occassionally or talking about your dreams. 

Everyone at the top has an expert with Hollywood experience behind them in their corner, so who's in yours? 

And none of this changes the fact that you're ready to feel 100% fulfilled right now

The clarity you need to reach your goals can be a reality in LESS than 20 days from now. 

So let's keep it simple, streamlined, and take away all other distractions. 

As the up and coming generation of visionaries, influencers, and purposeful celebrities, you need to know 3 Secrets to build your authority, wealth, and impact fast:

 How to Develop Your Personal Brand

Learn the 4-Step Purposely Famous system

Clarify your Thought Leadership Mission

These secrets are launching points, ok?


Let me share how to tie this all together so that your next steps are easy.

"The Purposely Powerful Journal helped me discover more about myself than what I had been told all my life about who I am. This book gave me the confidence to move forward in my career and gain respect from my peers. I also was able to begin building my empire in a way that will change lives for the better and that’s MORE than I could have ask for." -Trina Lynne

Fact # 1: The Purposely Powerful Journal creates the foundation for your personal brand and signature system. It's that powerful. 

Living a Purposely Famous lifestyle isn't always easy. The odds were stacked against me since the day I was born: I was abandoned by my birth family and raised feeling like an outcast in a small town. Later, I landed a dream career that took me around the world in private jets, but I still felt empty inside.

I thought luxury & money would bring me fulfillment, but then... desperate for a change, I gave it all up to meditate for an entire year in silence to to find my life purpose away from the glitz and glamour. 

That's why I created Purposely Famous: I discovered that the greatest purpose of all comes from knowing your purpose and using it to create an extraordinary life for yourself and others.

Because you also have a story to share and a message that truly matters

Not only have I found my purposeful mission now, but it's allowed me to create the business of my dreams doing exactly what I love on my terms...

I wake up when I want, I travel when I want, and I surround myself only with inspiring friends and clients. 

So I wanna know: What's your legacy? What do you love? What needs to happen so you look back on your life with no regrets?

It's time to take charge to create the life you want by getting clarity on your awesomeness from only 20 Lessons in this Journal. 

Once you embrace your Thought Leadership powers, you'll know how to share your life story, life lessons, life experiences, and gifts in a way that makes people listen and want to know more.

Don't have clarity on the "what" or "how" yet? NO PROBLEM

Don't know which parts of your story are most poweful to impact the Masses? NO WORRIES

Don't know how to communicate your value so your role models listen you and advocate your mission for you? NO SWEAT

Don't know how to get paid your full worth? GET THE PURPOSELY POWERFUL JOURNAL TODAY AND FIND OUT!

Fact # 2 : The steps it takes to become a REAL Thought Leader and Influencer are WAY more strategic than you think. 

People ask me all the time how I get paid $15,000 per hour for consultations and negotiate multi-million dollar deals and it's because I've had clarity on my THOUGHT LEADERSHIP misson first. 

I get it... You might be trying to make your first dollar or scale to build a 6 or 7 figure business.  

This Journal helps you clarify your Thought Leadership goals, create a signature brand, product, or service based off your purpose to become Purposely Influential then Purposely Rich, which are the next phases of the Purposely Famous System.

AND HERE'S THE BEST PART: I guide you through the step-by-step lessons that help you discover who you are by providing the most powerful, thought-provoking exercises you've ever heard of.

Don't just take it from me though, check out what some of my clients who have used full 4-Step Purposely Famous system: 

"Makhosi Pitts launched a business aligned with her purpose sharing Shamanistic Secrets, and got 15 new group clients and 20x 1-1 clients with no email list or social media following."

"Luis Rivera got clarity about his own personal brand and locked in a 5-figure deal with a company."

"Christine Miskinis earned $8,000 in the first 3-weeks of joining Karin's Purposely Famous Academy."

However, there is one final secret that makes all the difference...  

Fact # 3 : Finally, this is more than just posting on social media or getting a bunch of followers. It's way more meaningful than that.

It's my legacy to disrupt the industry and get this information to as many people as possible, as right now only celebrities and public figures have access to it.  

It really comes down to this: How committed are you to educate yourself, to upgrading your knowledge and skill set so you can succeed?  

Imagine having 20 simple Lessons that provide a framework and structure on how to:

  • Create an action plan to clarify your Thought Leadership Brand
  • Consistent review of your daily efforts 
  • Celebrate your successes and pinpoint areas for improvement
  • Overcome mindset blocks and bulletproof your confidence
  • Use my simple secret for being happy anytime, anywhere 

As a BIG BONUS: You have the opportunity to get the matching Purposely Powerful Online Course to fast track your learning and get:

20 days of Priceless Thought Leadership Building exercises 

Access for 1-month to the matching Purposely Powerful online course

Assessments & Check-ins to make sure you stay on the right track to reach your goals

Order Now To Get Instant Access  

Please review our NO REFUND policy before purchasing

We are catalysts that provide time-tested support and resources to help you reach your goals, so money is only one aspect of your investment as you are ultimately investing in your own goals. That’s why, Karin Roest offers no refunds, for any reason, for all of her products and services in an attempt to raise the bar so that you show up fully committed to your intention. You may not receive the same results as others, so if in doubt, you are welcome to consume our free materials and hope our products and services will be available to you at another time.

Hi, I'm Karin Roest, and YES, you too can live an extraordinary life on your terms.  

It's time to create a clear path to build your authority and help more people, without running in circles or wasting time and money.

It's time to stand out for your mission with a compelling story, know your strengths and how to overcome your weaknesses, and present them in a powerful and compelling way... 

And you'll be off to a FAST START in the next 20 days and know the right path to follow to reach your fullest PURPOSELY FAMOUS potential.  

My Purposely Powerful Journal + Online Course help you do exactly these things.

 What People are Saying

What's the Value of The Purposely Powerful Journal?

Well, you've just seen it from my clients and the Purposely Famous Community. Not only have some of my clients made an income with this formula, but more importantly they are:

  • Making an Impact 
  • Doing What They Love 
  • Role Models To Their Families and Friends
  • Serving Their Communities 
  • Getting Paid To Help Clients They Care About

Is there a more noble profession in the world than becoming an authority who helps change the world? 

I don't believe there is, so that's why I believe in You. 

I believe this Journal is priceless because the cost of not living one's passion is much more than this.

You have an opportunity today to take advantage of this One Time Offer. You may never see this offer again so don't wait, CREATE!

The Journal Ebook is only $9.99 TODAY, or you can get in addition a printed copy mailed to you AND access to the matching online course for a simple One Time Payment of $99


  • Why is the world a better place with you in it and why is this so important to clarify?
  • Who am I and what is my legacy, mission, and purpose?
  • What are your most powerful stories that establish your authority as a Thought Leader and Influencer?
  • What does it mean to become Famous for a GOOD purpose and what exactly does that require?
  • How can you build a loyal Super Fanbase and monetize your purpose with integrity?


  • Thought provoking content ath you can use for your personal brand
  •  Action plans that build confidence and make you unstoppable
  •  Videos, audios, and worksheets that help extract your best stories out of you

You will never see an offer like this again, so be sure to grab it NOW!!  

Grab your Purposely Powerful Journal now!

  * For your security, all orders are processed on a secured server.

Who this is for:

Visionaries, coaches, authors, speakers, consultants, practitioners, entrepreneurs, and service-based business owners…

  • If you want to establish more Thought Leadership authority and become known for who you are, not what you do
  • If you’re BRAND NEW or struggling to get a steady income or build your influence, this is for you
  • If you want to package your wisdom and become known for something meaningful that changes the world, this is the perfect place to start
  • If you want a stronger foundation to sell more books, online courses, keynote speeches, and get sponsors and investors in the long run, this is for you
  • If you’re ready to dive deep into want to use the best OFFLINE strategies so you can save time and money and then scale to use online strategies to 10x your ROI later, this is for you
  • If you want to master an essential step before moving on to scale to earn 6-7 figures for the rest of your life, this is for you 

Who this is NOT for:

  • If you’re looking for overnight fame or riches, this is not for you 
  • If you want quick ROI without putting in the time or work to make it happen, this is not for you 
  • If you don't want to package your wisdom into online courses, books, speeches, and become an influencer, this is not for you

SIMPLY AWESOME I was lead to Karin so she could help me hone myself and my business so I can be successful at what I love to do-inspire and empower! I had been floundering with my what’s next! I knew the kind of lifestyle I wanted, and I had started to lay the foundation for it. The huge piece that was missing was the strategy to put all the pieces together and make it go. We did an exercise and within 1 hour she helped me create my inspiration statement!! It was probably the most powerful hour of my life as far as defining myself! Karin is a very powerful and extremely gifted coach and at the same she is very empathic and intuitive. It’s so awesome to be appreciated and understood so completely!! I love Karin as a friend and coach!

Martie Pineda Ho Chi Minh City / Washington DC

DEAR KARIN I want to sincerely thank you for all the time we’ve spent together this year, it’s been really excellent working with you. It’s certainly been more excellent for me than what I’ve made you aware of; generally I hang up from our conversations and feel electrified and ready to take action — that’s huge. You’ve lifted me to a place where I’m finally allowing myself to really believe in me and the abilities that I have. My certainty that you’re the one I’m supposed to be with and work with as I continue to make it “big” and make a bigger impact in the world is as clear as it was when we started having these conversations months ago. I have top respect for you.

Tony Esteves Inspirational Facilitator Toronto, Canada

KARIN ROEST RULES! I feel incredibly lucky to be working with Karin for my business and life! What makes Karin unique is she has the perfect combination of business savvy and psychological mindset that allows me to step up and really live into my purpose for my work- which is to help change the consciousness of what’s possible in schools and education. What initially attracted me to Karin was her incredible history and life experience that she has created for herself. Why I love working with her now is because she really believes in me and my potential- this is priceless and gives me the business framework and structure needed to make my dreams a reality. Karin Roest Rules!

Anne Marie Sebastiani Educational Coach and Speaker

Please know that this is a limited-time offer. The "cost" of this book is super affordable for anyone who is serious about learning how to make a bigger impact in the world. 

This weeds out Do-It-Yourself people who think they can piecemeal together a roadmap to success without professional help. We only want serious people who take action, as in our experience, those who are willing to invest in themselves are the people who truly succeed.  

If you choose to move on and not take this offer, that's okay too. If you already have your Thought Leadership brand and signature system rock solid - Awesome! You'll do great in life anyway. Otherwise, you have a great opportunity to begin an incredible Purposely Famous journey with us today, right here.  

And to be honest... I'm confident that this will be so helpful to you and your mission that you'll want even more of my help in the future.  

KARIN IS ONE OF A KIND This is about taking control of your financial independence and attaining true freedom, with all the cash, free time, and knowledge to make a real difference once and for all. Karin is one of a kind. Her background story and strong will to make the difference is very appealing and mind blowing. Having had the chance to catch up with her weekly and receiving her guidance during her coaching sessions have made me aware of so many more opportunities in life that are worth to explore. Karin is the perfect consultant, as a friend and in business, to assist wherever she can. Her positive attitude and her skills to listen with real interest has helped me move forward on the path I have chosen to fulfill.

Marc Lankreijer Amsterdam, Netherlands

A GENUINE, HEARTFELT INTEREST Karin consistently brings new tools and ideas to our sessions that are tailored to bring me from where I am toward my current goals. She helps keep me laser-focused, gently and firmly pushes me forward and empowers me to move as quickly as I want to move. I always feel supported, and I feel that she has a genuine, heartfelt interest in my progress as an individual and as a business.

Ben Gibson Portland, Oregon

Order Now To Get Instant Access  

Please review our NO REFUND policy before purchasing

We are catalysts that provide time-tested support and resources to help you reach your goals, so money is only one aspect of your investment as you are ultimately investing in your own goals. That’s why, Karin Roest offers no refunds, for any reason, for all of her products and services in an attempt to raise the bar so that you show up fully committed to your intention. You may not receive the same results as others, so if in doubt, you are welcome to consume our free materials and hope our products and services will be available to you at another time.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • What kind of work have you done with celebrities and public figures?

I’ve worked behind the scenes as a producer, talent agent, booking agent, celebrity scout, promoter and any other role as needed that would help get the job done right. My work was either alone or with a stellar A-LIST team of managers, publicists, production crews, Fortune 500 executives in which we worked our rear ends off(!) to get the talent to the big stage or the branding, marketing, and publicity campaigns.  

Many people on these A-LIST teams and celebrities have become authentic friends, others business partners, and some would not remember who I am because I was the “behind-the-scenes” girl working with their manager, agents, publicists, and crew to keep things running smoothly.  

My network includes industry mavens who have helped no-name authors become New York Times Best Sellers, to producing and marketing major world events such as the Olympics, Fifa World Cup, Rolling Stones to Beyonce concerts, to TED events and media experts connected to the New York Times, to the Ellen Show, or other primetime media outlets.

  • What exactly do I get and how will I receive the information?

You'll receive an Ebook and/or printed book and accsess to an online course to accelerate your learning. The Purposely Powerful onlinen course is delivered in a self-study format with access 24/7 with videos, audios, worksheets, and tutorials so you can learn at your own pace.

If you're interested in working closer with me in the Purposely Famous Academy where I teach the full system to make 6-7 figures doing work that you love, please send us a message below to get more information.

  • What celebrities have you helped become famous or how do I know you're an expert?

I am under strict confidentiality contracts with most of the public figures and high-end clients I’ve worked with, but I do share case studies about them that will help you advance faster yet protect their identities and privacy. Nevertheless, here are a few examples: CAA, William Morris Endeavor, The Agency Group, and numerous other top Hollywood entities who represent the world’s A-LIST actors, musicians, authors, and more.  

I’ve produced and promoted live concerts with artists such as Britney Spears, Pussycat Dolls, Pitbull, Macklemore and Ryan Lewis, David Guetta, Tiesto, and many, many more. I interned at the United Nations in college and have since partnered with various global philanthropic entities over the years. I’ve booked philanthropists and educators at speaking events who received more than $150,000 usd for one 40-minute speech.  

I also worked at AM ONLY (now called Paradigm), representing North America’s biggest electronic roster organizing David Guetta and Tiesto’s tours, and at the Lavin Agency Speaker’s bureau.

For public figures, please note the categories: Grammy Award winning musicians, Nobel Peace Prize winners, highly paid TED talk speakers, New York Times Best Selling authors, renowned philanthropists, the world’s top-ranked electronic music DJs, Cirque Du Soleil performers. I legally cannot mention specific names.  

I've mastered the art of negotiating and closing high-end deals, such as brokering $400,00 dollar deals in only a 5 emails and getting paid up to $15,000 USD for one hour consulting calls.

  • How many clients have you worked with and gone on to make 6-figure incomes and beyond?

Most high-end celebrities and clients prefer to remain confidential which means they will not post testimonials talking about how much money they made. Sharing your own personal financial gain publicly is not the point of being a Thought Leader. But to clarify, the range of earnings from the public figures I’ve worked with: $5,000 to $500,000 per 40-minute speech, $10,000 to $1 million or more for the average 2-hour live performance, or media and publicity opportunities with a reach of multi-millions of people in a few minutes. I’ve officially worked with celebrities for 15 years and as a Thought Leadership Strategist for non-celebrities and private clients for the last five years. Results vary, nevertheless, here are a few from the past: I’ve made $20,000 USD from one prospect in less than an hour with one of my signature templates and clients have made more than $80,000 in less than 8 weeks with the same. Rebranded companies in a way that puts them on equal footing with forward-thinking brands such as Apple, Zappos, and Airbnb. Doubled the income of a high level client based on one controversial big idea that had the press going wild. He is now being called onto shows such as Today Show and Good Morning America, and a documentary is in the works. Assisted with raising $5 million USD of funding in investments and sponsorships for one festival and raised millions more for numerous other projects. Connected entrepreneurs with investors that have invested millions of dollars in their projects.

  • What’s the difference with what you do now as a Thought Leadership Strategist and Business Coach and your work before as a Producer, Talent Agent, and Celebrity Scout?

My focus now is helping people from any background or social status make money doing what they love and have the time, money, influence, and motivation to give back to society. I am your DIY (Do-It-Yourself) guide to help you create a roadmap to reach your goals. Nevertheless, you have to do the work, be patient, and invest in yourself as I'm only a catalyst in your journey and the results you get or do not get, are your responsibility and not ours. Over the years, I’ve also worked with a lot of “grumpy thought leaders” aka people who get famous too fast. When you’re in the big matrix of celebrityhood, this is common. So I’ve made it a personal agenda to run my business with integrity and help others keep the same high standard.

  • Can I speak to one of your successful clients and not-so successful ones? I'd like to hear their experience and know if their lack of success was because of themselves or due to your failure to help them.

You are welcome to read the testimonials and other people have chosen to protect their privacy and I agree to honor their wishes. Nevertheless, everyone is successful in their own right as success comes in many different forms to everyone I work with. Some have surpassed their financial goals, others improved their reputation or got a job promotion, or overcome deep seated fears such as public speaking or writing. The Purposely Famous System maximizes your chances of reaching success, but each person’s level is unique to their level of competence and situation. Comparing yourself with what others have or have not gained will not help you. I work with clients and companies at different capacities so speaking to someone who had different goals than yours will give you skewed results. My ability to help you become a successful Thought Leader depends more on how much you dedicate yourself to get the results you want and cannot compare to anyone else's results.

  • Why don’t you, Karin Roest, have a big social media following or a big presence online? How can you advocate to help people make a bigger impact when you haven’t publicly made one yourself?

I’ve always been the behind-the-scenes-girl, doing what I love, making a generous enough income to travel the world, spend what I want and where I want. Only recently have I chosen to launch what I do publicly because I have a dream to help as many people possible so we all have more influence to help the people in the world who cannot help themselves…because I can't do that alone. 

I share the techniques I’ve used with clients so they get similar results which do not require a big online presence in the beginning by choice (thank goodness, right?). And social media is only one strategy of many that can help you make a big impact. You’ll learn more about the ins and outs of this if you work with me.

  • Will you introduce me to you’re A-LIST network?

This is a Do-It-Yourself program so that you can become fully self-sufficient on your own and keep most of your profits in the long run. 

For clients in the past who follow the system and embrace the “whole package” of what it takes to go big, I’ve introduced them to my network so that they or we can collaborate on bigger sponsorship and investment deals…and I'll do this in the future with the right people in the right timing as I see fit.

  • I still don’t know. It sounds great and all, but maybe this isn’t for me.

I hear ya. Even if you don’t know the “what” or “how” yet but are curious enough to take a leap and believe in yourself and the proven systems I'll be sharing with you, it will be worth it. Every top successful person knows the value of investing in yourself and they do this without hesitation, to upgrade their knowledge and skills to get a bigger return in the future. I encourage you to consider this too as this is what it takes to achieve your dreams.  

Not everyone is accepted into the program as I’m looking for people who really want more from life than what they have now, and are willing to take action to make that happen.  

If you are having that many doubts about this, maybe this isn’t for you or it’s just not the right time.


Our customer support is here to help you at all times, contact us here if you have any questions: